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CEO Message

Feb 23, 2021 Uncategorized

Our passion is to be one of the world’s most reliable and reputable companies with high performance in the stainless steel and metal industry. We are an organization with a wide product portfolio, the potential to export to 50 countries and,

with our flexible, productive and innovative structure, our goal in the stainless steel industry is not only to be the biggest in the market but to be respected globally.

We embrace the diversity of our employees which reflects the cultural richness of different geographies and we regard such richness as a precious asset to our business.

We strive for constant renewal by taking strength from our roots and previous experiences. This transformation is central to our aim of becoming the market leader as well as providing a sustainable service.

Staff training is fundamental to maintaining competitive prices and a quality service; and its continuity is crucial to our future success. A strategy based on education and training is central to our programme for transformation and will allow us to create a sustainable and permanent tradition.

Deniz KOCA

Chairman of the Board